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With Reb Beach (right) and Kip Winger (below)

Gareth & Kip Winger
Gareth & Reb Beach

With Matthias Eklundh of Freak Kitchen (right), Ted Poley and J3 of Bone Machine (below)

Gareth with Ted Poley & J3
Gareth with Kevin Chalfant, Anne and Josh Ramos

With Journey, September 11 2001 after their awesome concert in Michigan USA  - (left - right) Neil Schon, Gareth, Steve Augeri, Anne & Jonathan Cain)

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Gareth & Mattias Eklundh
Gareth with Kelly Keagy

With Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger (above) and with Kevin Chalfant, Anne (my wife) and Josh Ramos of Two Fires (left)


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