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The Promise Melodic Rock Band
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GEAR CURRENTLY USED (live and in the studio)
Ibanez RG 540
Gibson Flying 'V'
Tanglewood Electro-Acoustic
Eko Acoustic
GHS Boomer strings (GBXL .009 - 042 gauge)
Gibson picks

Marshall JMP1 Midi Pre-Amp
Line 6 'POD' Pre-Amp
Marshall 8080 Power Amp.
Alesis Quadraverb
'Cry Baby' Wah-Wah Pedal
Nady Wireless System
Marshall 4 x 12 Speaker Cabs. (loaded with 25 watt celestions)

Tascam 8-Track Midi Home Studio
Atari Computer loaded with 'Notator' Sequencing Package
Roland JV 2080 Keyboard Module
Kurzveil Micropiano

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