Ian Benzie: Lead & backing vocals, bass, benzitron
Gareth Davies: Lead & Rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Nods Graham: Lead, Rhythm & acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Steve Craig: Keyboards
Colin Fraser: Drums

* Colin Chapman: Drums (Track 4 – There Goes My Heart, Track 6 – Hole In My Heart, Track 7 – Let The Night Go On Forever, Track 9 – Looking Glass)
* Deanne Munro: Keyboards/ Backing Vocals (Track 4 – There Goes My Heart, Track 7 – Let The Night Go On Forever)


Produced by Gareth Davies & Niall Mathewson
Recorded & engineered by Niall Mathewson at The Mill Studio, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Mixed by Audu Obaje & Gareth Davies at Spellbound Studios, Manchester, England
Mastered by John Blamire at The Digital Audio Co., Skipton, EnglandExecutive Producer: Mark “turn the guitars up” Ashton

Special thanks to former members and good buddies Deanne Byrnes (keyboards) and Colin Chapman (drums) on indicated songs, and to Andi Watson & Niall Mathewson for additional guitar flavourings and spices.

Cover by Gary Sutherland, EQ Design

Band photos by Anna Henley

The Promise would like to thank:

Mark Ashton, Bruce Mee, & Peter Sims at Now & Then Productions; Serafino Perugino & Mario De Riso at Frontiers Records; Niall Mathewson & Mike Allan at The Mill; Audu Obaje & Neil Amison at Spellbound; Linda Graham; Steve Ransom; Gary Sutherland; Anna Henley; Lisa Law; Chris Jones at Crusoe Sound & Design; Kim & Matt Honey, Rob Evans & Brian McGowan at Hard Roxx; Richard Blundell, Aron Radford, & Mark Hoaksey at Powerplay; Lee Brimilow at Raging Heart; Ian McIntosh at AOR Basement; Uli Lennartz at Melodic Journey Germany; Chris Dugan at Metal Dreams USA; Gabor Kleinbloesem at Strutter ‘Zine Holland; Reginaldo Rod at Brazil Connections Promotions; Ive Michiels at Fanfare Magazine Belgium; Vicente Corral Collantes at AOR Planet Spain; John Gabbard at AudioVision USA; Barrie Kirtley at AOR Classics; Peter Innes √ Fit Like New York?; Dave McKay, Jim Gellatly and Damien McLeod at Northsound Radio; Classic Rock magazine; Mark Foster; Stephen Allan; Les Paterson & Ian Burness at Q Audio; Buff at Creative Lighting & Sound; Bone Machine; Cry Havoc; Steve Harrell; Andy Yates at Sound Barrier; Jenny Allan of the Classic Rock Society; Chev at Phoenix Rising, Anne Davies at Aberdeen Internet Services; The North Berwick Nutters: Liam Shields, Stefan Campbell & Conrad Campbell; Matthew Weir; Big Darren; Michiyo Kaneko in Japan, Eduardo De Souza in Sao Paulo Brazil, and all our fans around the world.

Ian would also like to thank: Karen for love and support, Ian Brown, Marsh Phillips, Alan Beattie, Graham & Linda Barclay, Gerry McRobb, Fuggy Brown, Gordon Lemon, Ronnie Sinclair, Stuart Kemp, Alan Benzie, Greg Brechin.

Gareth would also like to thank: My wife and best pal Anne, Audu Obaje for dedication beyond the call of duty  – you’re the man!!, Sue & Phil Ashcroft, Tracy McNamara, Andi Watson, Steve Dowd, Paul Logue, Ted Poley, Ralph Santolla.

Nods would also like to thank: Linda, Laura and my mum.

Steve would also like to thank: My two gorgeous kids Ellys & Josh, my beautiful wife Leesa and to G, you know who you are.

Colin would also like to thank: Kevin at RWJ Drumstore, Q Audio, Pallas, Larry, Colin Davidson, Andi Watson, Colin Snr, Chicken Rogan Josh, Jack Daniels, Elaine, Amy and Lewis.

The Promise uses and abuses:

Ian: Aria & Fender basses, Peavey & Trace Elliot amplification, Beyer Dynamic & Shure mics, Nady Wireless, Rotosound strings.

Gareth: Ibanez & Fender guitars, Mesa Boogie & Marshall amplification, Rocktron, Digitech, Alesis, BBE, Roland & Korg effects, Nady Wireless, GHS strings, Jim Dunlop picks.

Nods: Ibanez & Gibson guitars, Marshall & Line 6 amplification, Alesis effects, Nady Wireless, GHS strings, Gibson picks.

Steve: Roland, Korg, Miditemp (Best thing ever!), Ultimate Support (it’s a stand stupid!), Yamaha, Peavey, Spook Systems, JBL and lots and lots of wires.

Colin: Pearl and Mapex Drums, Ufip and Zildjian Cymbals, Remo Heads and
Vater sticks.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Joan Margaret Macleod 1948 √ 1998

All songs © The Promise 1999