Ian Benzie: Lead & Backing Vocals/Bass
Colin Chapman: Drums
Gareth Davies: Lead & Rhythm Guitars/Backing Vocals
Nods Graham: Lead & Rhythm Guitars/Backing Vocals
Deanne Munro: Keyboards/Backing Vocals

Produced by Niall Mathewson & Gareth Davies

Recorded at The Mill Studio, Scotland July – August 1994

Engineered by Niall Mathewson, assisted by Mike Allan
Keyboard Programming: Ronnie Brown

Mixed at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool
Engineer: Keith Andrews Tape Op: Andrea Wright
Except ‘End of the Game’ mixed at The Mill Studio by Niall Mathewson

Cover design: Jonathan ‘what’s the hassle’ Speirs
Band Photos: John Chapman
Front cover art by Michel Tcherekoff reproduced by kind permission of The Image Bank

Mark Ashton: Mark Ashton

The Promise would like to thank:

Mark Ashton & Bruce Mee at Now & Then; Niall “scary & strange” Mathewson – thanks for 250% effort, guidance, guitar embellishments, etc etc – but we still fear change; Marlene Ross for all the help, advice – and the great sex; Val & Jane Risdon at SMI; Greg Bannerman; Keith “you took the bastard meat” Andrews; Ross & Bill at R&B Music; Colin Davidson (thanks for the bass); Andi Watson (thanks for the cab and good luck in LA); Ronnie “it needs a bit of work” Brown; Mike Allan

Those who tried to polish the turd:
Martin Cairns; Steve Fyfe; Phil Middleton; Iain Macleod; Adam Davenport; Malcolm “Spock” Simpson; Dave McKay; Billy from Runrig

Tom & Loretto McGuire; Brian & Anne La Piazza; Jon & Liz Speirs; Dougie McVeigh; Gary Cairns; Gordon “Gogs” Simpson; Les Johnston; Carol & Irene from The Cutters Wharf; Dave Macleod; Mark Findlay; Northsound Radio; Boulevard Magazine; Ron McCaskill; Stephen Morrison; Dave Davidson; Ian “Fuzzy” Middleton; Tommy “Tommy Tommy” Reid; Ian MacIntosh of AOR Basement; Mop; Mike Bonner; Phil Anderson; Zed Ruxton; Colin (the mouth) Fraser; Ray (you smell so good) Daniels; Turner Van Hire; and all our other supporters from the “Tour de Force” era.

Ian would also like to thank:
Kenny Smith; Norman Fraser; Richard Postgate; Fiona Mennie; Graeme Mennie; Niall Anderson; Alan McKay; Mike Sullivan; Gary Sutherland; Steve Ransom; Jim Watt; Brian Crombie; Phil Ritchie; Douglas Riddle. Love and thanks to Karen and Mum for their support and tolerating the crazy hours

Colin would also like to thank:
Murray Seaton’s Drum Centre; Sound Control; Dave Innes; Jon Wilson; Derek Duncan; Smart Alex; The Abbott; Steve Smith & Jeff Porcaro for the inspiration; My Mum and Dad for the freedom to practise and rehearse whenever I wanted; Anita for sacrificing our plans and always being there

Gareth would also like to thank:
Anne (there aren’t enough words); my family; Alistair Watt; Gordon Cowie; Tom Foley at Sam Ash, New York; Mitch Faber at Mesa Boogie Factory; BT Release ’92; Winger & Crew (USA Tour ’93) and especially Reb Beach for the inspiration and the guitar

Nods would also like to thank:
Linda (for the love and inspiration – and the words); Les at Sound Control (turn the volume down); Buff & Sweeters

Deanne would also like to thank:
Mop; Mum & Dad (thanks for the keyboard); Lillian

The Promise use:
Ibanez & Fender guitars; GHS & Rotosound strings; Mesa Boogie, Marshall; Peavey; Trace Elliot Amplifiers; Alesis, Digitech & BBE effects; Korg & Roland keyboards; Pearl drums, Zildjian cymbals; Remo drumheads; Promark sticks ………and will gladly accept any endorsement deals!!!!!!!!